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    Add: Zhongjia chemical industry park, Changjiang port, Yingcheng, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, China.
    Contact: Mr Li
    Tel: +86-13607147407 +86-712-3610959
    E-mail: lixiong@chemax.com.cn, sales@chemax.com.cn
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    Service first, customers first, high-quality, excellence

    Founded in 1998, Wuhan CheMax Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., a comprehensive joint-stock enterprise, specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing various fine chemical intermediates and other organic chemicals, which are widely applied in different fields, including pharmaceutical, pesticide, dyestuffs, etc. 

    Located in Wuhan , Hubei , the company enjoys convenient transportation and rich human culture. Meanwhile, the company is guaranteed by strong technology, advanced inspection method, excellent manufacturing machine and high-quality product. 

    The company mainly manufactures special-specification and high-quality products with the annual output of more than 1000 tons, and has established close co-operative relations with many international trading companies and distributors while cultivating domestic markets actively. Most products are exported to countries and regions in Southeast Asia as well as Occident , and gains high praise and wide recognition from customers.

    The company is strengthening its compliance with modern management model of enterprises, and has been making progress to achieve strategy of scalizing and brandizing through effective management.

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    Contact: Mr Li Tel: +86-13607147407 +86-712-3610959 E-mail: lixiong@chemax.com.cn, sales@chemax.com.cn
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